Worcestershire's Employment Market

Key Growth Sectors in Worcestershire

Worcestershire has a broad range of opportunities available in a variety of sectors. Worcestershire has some key growth areas which are growing rapidly year on year. Firms within these sectors are turning to the county’s pool of talent to be their next engineer, chef or 3D printing technician. To find out more about the growth sectors in Worcestershire, follow the tabs below:

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing is a thriving sector in Worcestershire. The sector uses new and innovative technology to better the manufacturing process. The sector is often linked with automotive and aerospace engineering.

Key Companies in Worcestershire

Advanced Manufacturing in Numbers

  • here are more than 12,000 jobs in Worcestershire related to advanced manufacturing.
  • almost 60% are based in Redditch and Wychavon districts
  • it accounts for 4.7% of the counties employment and is growing year on year

The Future for The Sector

Growth is expected in Worcestershire. Engineering UK estimates that 124,000 engineers and technicians with core engineering skills are needed every year across the UK. With the advancements of technology and companies wanted to integrate it into their firms it will mean the need for advanced manufacturing will increase year on year.

Types of Careers in Advanced Manufacturing

  • 3D printing technician
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Car manufacturing worker
  • CNC machinist
  • Engineering craft
  • Machinist
  • Manufacturing systems engineer


Agri-Tech is changing the agriculture world. Using technology and technological innovation is improving the efficiency of agriculture and is changing the way that companies have operated for 100s of years. Worcestershire has key links with Agri-Tech due to its rich history in agriculture.

Key Companies in Worcestershire

Agri-Tech in Numbers

  • accounts for 1.6% of the workforce in Worcestershire
  • 542,000 jobs in the UK
  • directly accounts for £14.3bn in value-added

The Future for The Sector

Growth is excepted over the next 10-15 years; one of the fastest growing Agri-Tech sub-sectors is expected to be precision farming and engineering (using technology to make things more efficient) as more businesses invest in cutting edge technologies.
The demand for people to work in Agri-Tech will continue as the UK looks for new solutions to food growing and protecting the environment.

Types of Careers in Agri-Tech

  • Agricultural contractor
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Agricultural engineering technician
  • Agricultural inspector
  • Agronomist (crop scientist)
  • Biochemist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Botanist

ICT and Cyber Security

As we move into the digital age, the ICT and Cyber Security becomes bigger and bigger, year on year. the ICT and Cyber Security is one of the biggest growing sectors, not just in the UK but, the world. Worcestershire is home to the UK’s second biggest cluster of cyber security firms and the UK’s biggest outside of London.

Cyber Security is the fastest growing sector in the Midlands and is always looking for new employees, across a variety of roles.

Key Companies in Worcestershire

ICT and Cyber Security in Numbers

  • over 7,500 people are employed in this sector in Worcestershire.
  • there are currently around 50,000 vacancies for tech positions across the UK and there is a current drive to create 1 million tech jobs in London by 2023 to help meet demand.
  • in Worcestershire over 50% of advertised vacancies require a degree

The Future for The Sector

There is currently a skill shortage in this sector. Couple this with the demand to create 1 million jobs, the sector looks as though it’s got longevity and will create jobs for generations to come. It’s still a pretty new area and there is plenty of opportunities to take and areas of the sector that are yet to explored or exploited. The future of this sector is bright and prospers.

Type of jobs in ICT and Cyber Security

  • App developer
  • Business analyst
  • Computer games developer
  • Computer games tester
  • Cyber intelligence officer
  • Data entry clerk
  • Database administrator
  • Digital delivery manager
  • Digital marketer

Hospitality and Tourism

During the recent months, this sector has taken probably the biggest hit out of them all. However, before CVOID and expert’s prediction Post COVID, suggest that the sector is one of the biggest in the UK and one of the fastest growing.
In Worcestershire there is a vast array of hospitality venues, tourism destination and great days out. In the post COVID world this sector is likely to follow the path it followed before. Therefore, opportunities will be a plenty.

Key Companies in Worcestershire

The Future for The Sector

As previously mentioned, the Hospitality and Tourism sector has taken a battering during the pandemic. However, there is light at the end of what feels like never ending tunnel. Pre COVID the sector was seeing really strong growth and that is expected to return in a post COVID world. After COVID and the implications that’s had, the sector will be looking at innovative ways to create virtual experiences as well as using technology that allowed aspects such as, table services during the pandemic, to continue.

Types of Jobs in Hospitality and Tourism

  • Chef
  • Consumer Scientist
  • Counter Service Assistant
  • Cruise Ship Steward
  • Digital Marketer
  • Events Manager
  • Fairground Worker
  • Head Chef
  • Heritage Officer
  • Hotel Manager
  • Hotel Porter
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Hotel Room Attendant
  • Housekeeper
  • Interpreter
  • Kitchen Assistant


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