Careers and Education in Worcestershire

Adult Education

Worcestershire Adult Learning

Worcestershire County Council’s Adult Learning team offer a vast range of over 400 courses. The Adult Community Learning courses offer both accredited and non-accredited options, as well as a range of qualifications to learners to study at their own individual level. The programmes include: Community Learning, English & Maths, Vocational Skills, Family Learning, Leisure and Employability.

The Employability Suite, within the Adult and Community Learning Programme, focuses on delivering courses to learners, that support every stage needed for gaining employment. The courses cover subjects on; building and uploading digital CV’s, online job search, interviews (online or in person) and how to become a Volunteer. 

The Business Suite focuses on; setting up your business, building a website and promoting your business via social media.

I.T courses, within the Adult and Community Learning Programme, are tailored to accommodate all levels of individuals abilities. The courses offered are aimed at ensuring learners gain skills to enhance their job opportunities.

All courses mentioned offer learners to choose their own starting point and their own journey through the courses based on their own individual needs. Delivery can be online, in a venue or both.

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National Careers Service

If you are over 18, the National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work. Support includes help with finding learning opportunities and courses, finding jobs to suit your skills, writing a CV and interview techniques.

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