Support the Development of your Future Workforce

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews give students the chance to put their new skills into practice with business professionals in a supportive and familiar environment. Business volunteers give students constructive feedback and discuss ways they can improve further. 

These popular sessions are delivered 1-1 with a student and they help them to understand: 

  • Good and bad interview techniques
  • Good body language 
  • The skills and qualities employers are looking for.

47% of students said they had increased their confidence in having a mock interview by over 50%

93% of business volunteers said they felt they had made a significant

Top Tips for Delivery

  • it is important to put students at ease and to use prompts if they cannot answer any of the questions you ask them
  • if possible, find out from teachers about any upcoming job interviews the students may have and tailor the interview accordingly
  • it is also worth tailoring the level of interview difficulty depending on the year group of the student. Start with a light touch interview for years 7s and work towards a comprehensive application process including a more formal mock interview for years 12 and 13
  • many employers utilise their HR teams as well as industry specialists to undertake this type of activity
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