Support the Development of your Future Workforce

Employability Workshops

Working with the teaching teams, an employer delivers a lesson in the classroom to provide students with an understanding of what may be required during a formal application process, writing a CV, completing an Application and what are the key information you would expect to see within a covering letter.

Employability skills such as self awareness, timekeeping and communication skills should be included.

Employer-delivered employability skills workshops, can not only help to improve a pupil’s motivation, they can also help improve key skills required to secure a job role. Employability workshops can be delivered in small groups or to an entire class.

Top Tips for Delivery

  • Ensure that the workshops have a high level of interaction and discussion topics which ensure all pupils have the opportunity to participate
  • use examples of good and bad CVs you have received in the past and provide young people with activities (in small groups or as an individual) where they can demonstrate they have understood the knowledge you have shared with them
  • explain how the use of actual job descriptions and personal specifications can be used to ensure that CV’s / Covering Letters and completed applications can be tailored to suit the job role concerned
  • should you use online application systems within your organisation perhaps these could be used as a visual demonstration for students to understand a modern application process
  • many employers utilise their HR teams / specialists to undertake this type of activity
  • the workshop could include the local labour market, what types of jobs are available, different career pathways and jobs of the future
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