Support the Development of your Future Workforce

Careers Talks & Assemblies

Industry specific assemblies are key to ensuring that young people are aware of all the industries across Worcestershire and get a clear understanding of what different roles entail and the routes available to them to get into that role.

These types of activities ensure that young people are aware of their local businesses and what they do, but also understand the supply chain associated with them.

Of school children who were surveyed once they had received careers talks involving employers:

58% thought it useful in deciding on a particular career pathway

39% thought it useful in securing employment upon completion of their journey through education

37% thought it useful in planning their route into Higher Education or undertaking an apprenticeship

Top Tips for Delivery

  • an overview of the business and what it does. Tailor your delivery to suit the audience
  • examples of the different job roles within the business and within the sector
  • an example of the qualifications and wider employability skills required for employment in the industry sector and what students should do to best prepare themselves for applications
  • it is often useful to bring younger members of your own team e.g. Apprentices / Graduates / Trainees with you when you are delivering these talks as young people tend to relate better to their peers
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