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Your next steps

Being at a crossroads without a clear idea of what to do next can be a difficult and stressful time and during the current climate, finding work can be more challenging than normal and advice for your next career step disrupted. However, don’t worry because there are still many great opportunities and hopefully this page will guide you through getting your focus back.


Due to the pandemic, many people have found themselves without a clear next step. It will undoubtedly be a stressful and worrying time for you personally and your family. However, as we slowly start to get back to normal, companies are starting their recruitment processes once again and educational institutions are still accepting applications as usual.

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Support for individuals who are unemployed or looking for work

If you are an individual who is unemployed or seeking work opportunities, you can further develop your skills and experiences through a range of supporting programmes and services. This will help you to standout to employers and further develop the skills and attributes they are looking for in potential employees.

Are you an individual looking for work opportunities?

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Choices - career magazines and booklets

Choices are a series of careers and advice magazines and booklets that will help you to understand the wide range of career choices and opportunities available to you across Worcestershire and support you to start planning for your future.

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Being at a crossroads without a clear idea of what to do next can be a difficult so we have career advisors on hand to help. Send us an email or get in touch.