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Junior Internship Programme

This is no longer being offered

Research has proven that employers working with students during their fulltime studies has a positive impact on their development and progress. The Junior Internship Programme is a 2-year programme available to Year 12 and 13 (age 16-18 years typically), giving them a valuable opportunity to be matched with an employer from whom they will receive monthly mentoring and a minimum of 2-weeks of work experience for each year of the programme (4 weeks in total).

The programme also has a wraparound of experiences that students gain access from employer talks, industry insights and visits that highlight the world of work in Worcestershire.

The Worcestershire LEP programme has a host of local employers supporting the programme but is looking for more employers across a wide range of sectors to participate and host interns within their businesses.

This programme has gained success for both young people and employers who have taken on their junior interns into permanent role within their organisation at the end of their internship, which would not have otherwise happened without this intervention.

The Junior Intern recruitment process includes an online application process, following by a speed interviewing event – all of which provides additional valuable experience for the students when applying for ‘real’ jobs.

What happens next in 4 easy steps:

  1. Contact the CEC Team
  2. Provide a one-page ‘employer profile’ for the JIP Handbook appendix (we can provide an easy-to-complete template)
  3. Email us a link to your company video that we can link to the JIP website for students to view to get an idea of behinds the scenes at company. Ideally the video messaging should include information about your organisation, industry, employer brand and types of careers available. If you don’t have a video of this nature, we can visit your organisation to record a short video to capture the key points
  4. A representative from your business to be available for the Speed Interviewing event to be held in December

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