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Offer work experience opportunities for young people

Worcestershire Education Business Partnership (EBP) works closely with schools and employers to ensure a comprehensive database of work experience opportunities are available for young people to easily access through their educational establishment.

Work experience is one of the most important links between employers and schools. It provides an opportunity for young people to experience first-hand (and often for the first time) what happens in a ‘real’ working environment.

For employers, of any size and in any sector, the process to register their company to offer a work experience opportunity is simple and straight forward. From pre-placement health and safety visits to preparing placement descriptions for students, the team will guide you through every step in setting up your work experience opportunity.

Employers are needed throughout the year to provide work experience opportunities for students in year 10 (age 15 years) upwards who will have a wide range of interests and are studying a variety of courses/subjects. Placements range in length from 3 – 5 days, or can be extended placements over a
longer period, usually 1 day per week. Placements can be flexible and tailored to suit the availability of the business.

Lack of experience is the number one reason that employers turn young job applicants away. 80% of young people felt they were more attractive to employers following work experience.

Top Tips for Delivery

  • support the student in completing their work experience log book over the course of the week. Rotate them around as many different departments as possible
  • be willing to provide the student with a formal reference regarding their time with you, these references can be the key to supporting applications for their first job

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