Information and Support for Schools in Worcestershire

Support for Schools Provided by Job Centre Plus

Worcestershire Job Centre Plus are committed to supporting schools and in turn preparing young people for their future by giving them the support they need in order to gain the skills employers are looking for.  This is an outline of the service they offer

  • Providing teachers and students (and where appropriate, parents) with up-to-date information on the range of available traineeships and Apprenticeships, and advising on routes into them. Helping schools source work experience placements.
  • Providing advice and understanding about the local labour market, delivering messages on what to expect when entering the workplace, realistic information about specific sectors, and giving positive messages about the benefits of work.
  • Providing information on the ‘soft skills’ employers expect when recruiting staff, such as team working and punctuality.
  • Delivering employability skills such as workshops on interview techniques and application methods.
  • Providing advice to pupils by helping them make informed choices based on the full range of options available, including apprenticeships and traineeships that will ultimately move them into work.
  • Supporting students with health/disability issues or learning difficulties to identify options for progression from school into the world of work.
  • Supporting schools holding careers’ fairs and other employer events.

If you require any further information get in contact

Phone: Clare Gilkes on 01562 623892, 07585882180